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1. Students who arrive after training has started will wait until given permission by the instructor to enter the class.

2. Students are encouraged to concentrate on the instructions, remain focused and not speak out during class. Questions may be asked after class.

3. Junior students must follow the instructions of their seniors while on the dojo floor.

4. No gum or candy is permitted in the training area or in the changing room.

5. No jewelry is to be worn.

6. Profanity will not be tolerated in the dojo.

7. Do not engage in horseplay. It can lead to serious injury.

8. Fingernails and toenails should be kept trimmed and uniforms should be clean at all times.

9. Only white uniforms may be worn during class, and only authorized ISKF patches may be worn on uniforms.

10. Students who require early dismissal should request permission prior to the beginning of class.

11. Visitors should speak softly when training is in progress so as not to disturb the class.


Beginner students may attend class without wearing a karate gi. It is requested that a white T-shirt and dark sweat pants be worn.

Karate Gi orders will be taken approximately four weeks after the start of the session. All uniforms are to be the white traditional Karate Gi. Orders will be taken at class and payment is required at the time of the order.

Students are NOT REQUIRED to purchase the uniform from Shotokan Karate of Hagerstown but will be required to have a Karate Gi.


With the exception of white belts, all rank belts are included in the testing fees.

ISKF Patch

All students wearing a karate gi are required to have an ISKF patch on the left lapel.